Apollotech Inc.

Apollotech has expanded its business scope from the import and export of raw materials used in cutting-edge IT products to the development and production of core equipment such as E.S.C. for semiconductor/display manufacturing. It has also advanced to incorporate the solar energy business, which is considered the next generation pollution-free energy source, to secure its market position as an eco-friendly energy company.


  • Unison Supplies Solar Battery to Apollotech

    Unison announced that it signed a contract to supply solar battery modules worth KRW 3.5 billion to Apollotech on the 29th January, 2008. Unison will receive 20% of the contract amount up front in 10 days, and the remaining amount within 7 days of the delivery of the ordered products. […]

  • Solar Power Plant Completed in Gamgok, Jeongeup

    The construction of a solar power plant was completed and officially went into operation at Jeungheung-ri, Mamgok-myeon, Jeongeup-gun, Jeonbuk, Korea on June 17th. The solar power plant, completed by AK Solar Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Jong-Je) on the day, has facilities capable of annually supplying 3,650 MW of electricity to […]