Sticky Chuck

Sticky Module/ASM01

(partial adsorption type, ∅50~70mm)

Sticky Body/ASB01

(full adsorption type, 50~300mm)


  • Size
    • Sticky Module: ∅30~70mm
    • Sticky Body: 200 X 200mm
  • Flatness & Parallelism
    • Sticky Module: ±15µm
    • Sticky Body: ±25µm
  • Drive Unit
    • Air or N2 Blower Line
    • Desorption Module or Push Pin
  • Chucking Force: 4g/cm2


  • Device that adsorbs and holds substrates by using a sticky material
  • Consumables easily replaced after a certain period of use
  • Not affected by usage environment (e.g. still air condition or vacuum condition)
  • Desorption Module used for substrate desorption (Air or N2 Blower)