Apollotech has expanded its business scope from the import and export of raw materials used in cutting-edge IT products to the development and production of core equipment such as E.S.C. for semiconductor/display manufacturing. It has also advanced to incorporate the solar energy business, which is considered the next generation pollution-free energy source, to secure its market position as an eco-friendly energy company. We will continue to take the lead in the development and distribution of new technology for people and the earth with three core values pursuing cutting-edge, environment-friendly and future-oriented technologies.


Company Overview

Name: Apollotech Inc.CEO: Kim Jong-JeFoundation Date: 1998. 1. 24Corp. Registration No.: 220-81-50175Industry Type: manufacturing (electronic product) / construction / wholesale (trade) / service (renewable energy business) and others


  • #1505 Union Center Bldg., 310, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
    *Refer to the below map for directions.
    (TEL) +82-2-501-8425
    (FAX) +82-2-568-7351

R&D Center/Factory

  • #D-101 & 307 Techno-park, 700, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
    *Refer to the below map for directions.
    (TEL) +82-31-707-7630
    (FAX) +82-31-698-4776


Business Area


  • We import and export semiconductor materials and silicon wafer, provide wafer reclaim service, and develop and manufacture devices applied in the process of semiconductor manufacturing such as E.S.C. and Sticky Type Chuck.


  • We develop and manufacture various E.S.C. and sticky type chucks which are used in the production of LCD, OLED, Touch Panel and Flexible Display.

Solar Energy

  • We operate 7 solar power plants, which we constructed, to produce and sell about 3,600kWp of electricity. We are also conducting continued R&D on the solar power generation, which is a future clean energy source.



Signed a contract with HAMADA Heavy Industry & Nippon Chemi-con Agency
Commenced Wafer Reclaim Service(200mm)
Developed E.S.C. for LCD production
Earned Eco-Partner Certificate from Samsung Electronics
Commenced Wafer Reclaim Service(300mm)
Supplied E.S.C. for OLED production (LG Display)
Established APOLLO Tech. Japan
Developed E.S.C. for the semiconductor
Supplied 7th generation E.S.C. (LG Display)
Signed a contract with the KIS Agency
Established in-house R&D Center
Obtained ISO9001
Released 2nd, 4th and 6th generation E.S.C.
Registered as a renewable-energy-specialized company
Founded AK Solar Co., Ltd.
Supplied 2nd, 6th and 7th generation E.S.C. (LG Display)
Completed a solar power plant unit 1 and unit 3 in Jeongeup), unit 2 in Gimje), and unit 4 in Gochang
Founded a subsidiary named Sun Hitek Co., Ltd.
Supplied Innolux Fab4.5 Line E.S.C.
Completed solar power plant unit 5 in Jusan, unit 6 and unit 7 in Jeongeup
Acquired Inno-Biz certification
Applied patent for substrate chuck and substrate adjustment device
Supplied 8th generation Sticky Chuck (LG Display)
Supplied S.V.R.-applied compact E.S.C. (LG Display)
Registered the Apollotech trademark
Founded a subsidiary named SolusOn Co., Ltd.
Registered patent for wire bonding device
Founded three subsidiaries – Sun Corporation, Chungpawon, Chungpawon Village
Acquired Main-Biz certification
Designated as a partner of iMarket Korea and iMarket Vietnam

Core Values


We are committed to developing advanced technologies with unrelenting aspiration for high technology and steady investment in R&D.


We are pursuing eco-friendly technology and business to preserve the environment with the greatest respect for people and nature.


Looking ahead to 10, 20 and 30 years, we strive to lead the market and make a contribution to human development.


AK Solar Co., Ltd.Sun Hitek Co., Ltd.SolusOn Co., Ltd.Sun CorporationChungpawonChungpawon Village