Semiconductor Business

Semiconductor production requires very sophisticated technology and a clean manufacturing environment. Various raw materials and special devices & equipment are essential in the process.

Apollotech imports and exports various raw materials such as Si Top & Tail, Granular Poly, and silicon wafer products & parts, which are core materials in the semiconductor manufacturing process, and provides them at reasonable price after conducting a strict and thorough quality inspection. We also develop and supply Electro-Static Chuck (E.S.C.), a consumable device that fixes semiconductor substrates precisely, in accordance with a variety of specifications.

Furthermore, we help semiconductor manufacturers reduce their production costs by providing a Reclaim Service that recycles discarded silicon wafer for various reasons during manufacturing.

Key Products

Electro-Static Chuck(E.S.C.)

Handler E.S.C.

Silicon Wafer

Test Monitor Wafer
Dummy Wafer
Oxide Wafer
Solar Wafer

Silicon Parts

Silicon Plate
Other Over Size Ingot

Raw Material

Si Top & Tail
Granular Poly
Pot Scrap
Poly Chunk
Broken Wafer

Reclaim Service

Reclaim Service facilitates cost reduction by processing Test Monitor Wafer, Dummy Wafer, etc. used for the stabilization of the manufacturing process to be recycled. In particular, removing (cleaning) only the film layer without damaging or polluting the existing wafer through specialized equipment is key technology.